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Fuel for Carver, MN

Fuel delivery

When you need fuel delivered straight to your home or business, call Mid-County Energy at (952) 466-3720. We're proud to serve customers in Carver, MN and the surrounding area.

We have B10 biodiesel

In Minnesota, a 10 percent biodiesel (B10) blending requirement is in effect April 1 through Sept. 30. The remainder of the year, #2 diesel contains 5 percent biodiesel (B5). Though the minimum requirement ranges from 5 percent to 10 percent depending on the time of year, consumers always have the option of using a higher percentage of bio diesel in their equipment. Mid-County’s off road equipment, for example, uses up to 20 percent bio during certain times of the year. Manufacturer warranties sometimes limit the amount to 20 percent, but we have customers who have successfully used much higher blends. Contact our Energy team to learn more about bio diesel options.

Electronic fuel tank monitoring

With our scheduled bulk fuel delivery and contract programs, you don’t have to worry about your gas tank running out. We’ll keep track of how much is used, and fill the tank as needed. Our computerized system allows you to check your fuel usage at any time.

Farm fuel

Mid-County Energy has all the fuel you need to keep your agricultural operation running smoothly. Many farms in Carver, MN use propane for drying crops, heating buildings, and fueling irrigation pumps and farm machinery. We also offer on- and off-road premium diesel, farm gas, kerosene, winter diesel, #1 and #2 heating oil, and 91 octane gas. Call us today to learn more about how Mid-County Energy can meet your farm fuel needs.

Fuel tank safety checks

Call Mid-County Energy to keep your fuel tank in good working condition. We’ll help minimize the risk of leaks, and we also do fuel sampling and testing.

Fuel tank safety

Is your fuel tank in tip-top shape? Mid-County Energy can perform a safety check to see if your fuel tank is in proper working order, and minimize the risk of leaks. We also do fuel testing and sampling. Call us today to learn more.

Same-day service

If your tank is almost empty, don't panic. Mid-County Energy offers same-day fuel and propane delivery for emergency situations. Another way to avoid running low is to sign up for scheduled bulk fuel delivery. With this program, we keep track of how much fuel is used, and fill the tank as needed. Our computerized system allows you to track fuel usage, and monitor it at any time.

A good deal for Cologne, MN

When it comes to fuel and service for tractors, trucks, and construction equipment, Mid-County Energy can't be beat. We're proud to serve Carver, MN and the surrounding area – and we'd love to add you to our list of satisfied customers. Call Mid-County Energy today for high-quality fuel products and delivery at fair prices.

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Contact Mid-County today for deals on bulk fuel delivery, and propane delivery to Cokato, MN and Dassel, MN.

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